Sustainable bee-based therapy, known as apitherapy, is a fast-growing trend in Eastern Europe. Mhor are collaborating with Crieff-based business woman, Charlotte Blackler founder of Herb Majesty, who is introducing it to Scotland, having recently visited apitherapy centres in Slovenia, she decided she wanted to bring it home to Scotland.


Calm and relaxing

Reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia

Has a positive effect on a person’s state of mind by the buzz

Inhale beehive air

Boost the immune system

Can help the respiratory system

Propolis has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties

Hive air is saturated with biologically active substances of Propolis

What is Propolis? Propolis also known as bee glue is a resinous mixture produced by honey bees.  It’s made by mixing saliva, beeswax and plant sap. It also has a variety of uses around the hive itself.

The Apipod

 A specially designed wooden triangular structure, known as an ‘apipod’ has been installed here on the hotel grounds.  Inside six beehives housing a total of 60,000 honey bees have been placed in compartments underneath the pod. As the pod is nestled among the trees the bees come and go freely through their own special entrance.

A metal mesh between the walls and the hives ensures only sounds and smells infuse the interior, but the bees are contained, so there is no risk of bee stings to visitors.



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